Deer Proof Plants

Deer keep eating all of my plants! What can I do?

One of the most difficult landscape problems to address is damage from wildlife.  The white-tailed deer herd in Mississippi, and the southeastern US, has grown dramatically since the early 1990’s and is continuing to expand.  Deer damage is especially difficult because they can consume most of the ‘desirable’ plants in a single night. Repellents are not very effective and require frequent application. Exclusion requires the installation of expensive and unsightly fencing.

Plant selection is usually the best option for preventing white-tailed deer damage.

There are no plants that deer will not eat if they get hungry enough! But, there are lots of options that they will avoid most of the time.

This program helps you pick out great plants that deer won’t damage. Just look for the Deer Proof logo on plants at your local garden center.

The list of plants that can carry the Deer Proof label was based on University recommendations from across the country and experience from nursery and landscape professionals!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just go to the plants with the logo!!!

Follow this link for the most up to date Deer Proof Plant list:

Deer Proof Plant List